Who can Participate:

  • citizens of all countries other than Russia
  • stateless citizens
  • Russian citizens who are permanent residents of other countries

They are required to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least be receiving it in 2019.

Qualifying round

registration, portfolio contest is held online

November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019
Final round

online test

The list of winners

February 18 – March 07, 2019

Award winners

Participants who have successfully passed the two rounds and whose overall score puts them in the top 25% shall be deemed ‘Award Winners’.


  • Russian
  • English


01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Software Engineering
01.04.03 Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Mathematical modeling of oil and gas production processes
27.04.03 System analysis and control
  • Theory and mathematical methods of system analysis and management in technical and economic systems
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling (in English)


03.04.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Physical-mechanical modeling and high performance computations in fluid dynamics
  • Experimental and computational heat and mass transfer
03.04.02 Physics
  • Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
  • Medical Nuclear Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Space Physics
16.04.01 Technical Physics
  • Physics of Low Dimensional Systems
  • Medical Physics
  • Semiconductors Physics
  • Radio Physics and Electronics
  • Medical Physics
  • Medical Biotechnology
08.04.01 Civil engineering
  • Innovative methods of design and construction of hydrotechnical structures
  • Civil engineering and urban planning
  • Organization and management of investment and construction projects
  • Computer-aided design of buildings and structures
  • Engineering systems of buildings and structures
  • Design, reconstruction and structural analysis of buildings using modern software
  • Environmental engineering
  • Highways, bridges and transport tunnels
  • Inspection and technical audit of buildings and structures
  • Civil engineering (in English)
  • Energy efficient and sustainable building (in English)
11.04.01 Radio engineeringр
  • Systems and devices for transmission, reception and processing of signals
11.04.04 Electronica and nanoelectronics
  • Integrated Electronics and Microsystem Technologies
13.04.01 Heat power engineering
  • Technology of electric power and heat energy production
  • Power plant engineering (in English)
13.04.02 Electrical power engineering
  • Power plants based on renewable energy sources
  • Electrical units of power plants and substations
  • Electrical power systems, transmission networks, operation modes, stability and reliability
  • Power systems automation
  • Technology and physics of high voltages
  • Electrical devices for energy control and distribution
  • Physics and engineering of electrotechnical materials and structures
  • Electrical systems of enterprises, organizations and institutions
  • Electricity transmission and distribution, power supply systems
  • Active-adaptive power supply systems and energy-saving technologies
  • Electrical engineering (in English)
13.04.03. Power machine engineering
  • Steam and Gas turbines
  • Vacuum and compressor equipment of physical installations
  • Hydraulic machines and hydropneumatic units
  • Systems of Hydraulic and pneumatic drives
  • Gas turbine units of gas pumping stations
  • Energy technology (in English)
14.04.01 Nuclear power and technology
  • Physical and technical issues of nuclear engineering
  • Nuclear power engineering (in English)
15.04.01 Mechanical engineering
  • Equipment and Technology for metal forming
  • Electrophysical and electrochemical technologies in mechanical engineering
  • R&D in triboengineering
15.04.03 Applied mechanics
  • Computational mechanics and computer engineering
  • Physics of strength and plasticity of materials
  • Virtual engineering technologies
  • Computer engineering and digital manufacturing
  • Continuum mechanics: fundamentals and applications (in English)
15.04.04 Automation of technological processesand production
  • Automation of technological machines and equipment
15.04.05 Design and technology support of mechanical facilities
  • Metal cutting machines
  • Mechanical Engineering technology
  • Automotive engineering
22.04.01 Material science and technology of materials
  • Composite materials
  • Laser and additive technologies
  • Material science in triboengineering, CAE and durability management

Computer Science

02.04.01 Fundamental Science and Information Technologies
  • Organization and Management of Supercomputer Systems
  • High-Performance Cloud Computing and Robots Software
02.04.02 Fundamental Science and Information Technologies
  • Design of Complex Information Systems
02.04.03 Software and Administration of Information Systems
  • Mathematical Software and Corporate Information Systems Administration
09.04.01 Information Science and Computer Engineering
  • Applied Software Design Techniques
  • Information Science and Computer Engineering (In English)
09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
  • Systems Analysis and Optimization
09.04.03 Applied Informatics
  • Applied Informatics in the Field of Information Resources
09.04.04 Software Engineering
  • Introduction to Analysis and Development of Applications with Large Amount of Distributed Scenarios
  • Development and Maintenance of Software Product
11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems
  • Protected Communication systems
  • Radio engineering and mobile communication systems
  • Fiber optics and laser systems
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